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WiMAX, Radar & Transmit band Reject Filters

These highly-selective receive filters eliminate potential interference from WiMAX, Radar & (C-band) transmit band transmissions.

  • C-band Receive (Downlink) Earth Terminals
  • Compact, Low Profile Design
  • Most models are IN STOCK and can ship same/next day
  • Custom passbands tailored to your needs - without paying a premium

This is the largest selection of C-band receive filters in the industry.

Choose from our aluminum filter models or our copper filter models.

Each model offering its own unique characteristics ……………….

13961 Series – Aluminum Models                               
  • Lightweight (All series)
  • Extra “Close-In” Rejection for best WiMAX elimination (W and WE series)
  • Electro-Plated for Minimal Signal Loss for weak signal fringe areas (WE series)

13962 Extended C-Band Receive Filter                    

  • This filter protects the extended C-band of 3.625-4.8 GHz from potential interference originating below or above the band

7894D / 7893D / 11383 Series – Copper Models      

  • Robust Construction (All series)
  • Extremely Low Passband VSWR for optimum system performance (7894D series)

Refer to the linked charts for complete information on these filter products:

13961W Aluminum Model 13961W

7894D Copper Model 7894D


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