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High "Q" Cavity Bandpass & Notch Filters

Models 9494, 9507 & 9512 (Bandpass) 
Models 9604, 9607 & 9612 (Notch)

These high “Q” cavity filters utilize adjustable loop coupling  and tunable resonators that provide tunability from Fo +/- 5%.

These quarter wave cavity filters are ideal for cleaning up spurious transmit signals and can also be used as receive preselectors.
Invar tuning rods ensure temperature stable performance.

Standard models are available in single, double and triple cavity arrays covering a broad frequency range of 88 – 950 MHz.

Custom configurations are available upon request.

Model Type Application For Specifications
9494 Bandpass 4" cavity download PDF
9507 Bandpass 7" cavity download PDF
9512 Bandpass 12" cavity download PDF
9604 Notch 4" cavity download PDF
9607 Notch 7" cavity download PDF
9612 Notch 12" cavity download PDF

Tunable Notch Filters

6367 Series
Model 6367 is easily tuned through its full frequency range. A second control allows adjusting the 3 dB bandwidth over a wide range. The adjustable bandwidth feature of these filters allows suppression of an unwanted carrier with minimum impact on adjacent, desired frequencies.

Cascade It For A Deeper Notch
For spot frequency applications, two or three identical units may be cascaded to produce a notch twice or three times as deep with the same 3 dB bandwidth. Be sure to complete the model number by inserting the desired bandwidth.
Model Application For Specifications
6367-0 (22-35) MHz download PDF
6367-1 (30-50) MHz download PDF
6367-2 (50-108) MHz download PDF
6367-3 (108-216) MHz download PDF
6367-4 (216-450) MHz download PDF
6367-5 (450-900) MHz download PDF

Narrow Notch Filters

6556 Series
These notch filters are cut to your specified frequency (Fo). The 6556 can be used to notch out an undesired carrier or to notch out Terrestrial Interference in the block band of your headend TVRO. They are fine tunable and are available as one, two or three cavity assemblies to give the notch loss required.
Model Application For Specifications
6556 (900-1450) MHz download PDF
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