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X-Band Receive Reject
Install one of these filters when transmitting in order to eliminate potential interference to X-band downlink sites.
19171 (7.90-8.40) GHz
Compact Size
Download PDF 17763
16508 (7.90-8.40) GHz
Low Profile - BPF
Download PDF 16508
16602 (7.90-8.40) GHz
Low Loss
Download PDF 16602
16604 (7.90-8.40) GHz
Deep Rejection
Download PDF 16604-B&W

X-Band Multi-Band Reject
These versatile filters not only reject the X receive band, they also reject transmissions from other potential sources of interference that standard RRFs do not.
17662 (7.90-8.40) GHz
w/2nd Harmonic Rejection
Download PDF 17662silo-Reverse
16605 (7.90-8.40) GHz
Download PDF 16605

X-Band Harmonic Lowpass
This uplink filter provides ultra-low loss and VSWR while suppressing any spurious transmission artifacts from the 2nd - 4th harmonics
16961 (15.8-33.6) GHz Download PDF 16961

X-Band Partial Band
These partial band transmit filters isolate one portion of the transmit band from the other portion of the transmit band
19172 Passband
(8.25 - 8.4) GHz
Download PDF 19172

(7.9 - 8.05) GHz

Download PDF 16961

X-Band (Aeronautical Radio Navigation) Transmit Bandpass
This transmit filter isolates this passband from other operations above and below the band
(8.95 - 9.55) GHz
Download PDF 19448
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