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Surface Mount


Microwave Filter Company, Inc. offers lumped constant filters
for a broad range of selected frequencies, topologies and packages. Use of standard packages has enabled MFC to provide OEM and custom filters while keeping design time to a minimum.

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Lowpass, Miniature

Lowpass, Micro-Miniature

Highpass, Miniature

Highpass, Micro-Miniature

Bandpass, Miniature

Bandpass, Micro-Miniature

Band Reject, Miniature

Frequency (MHz)
Avg Power (Watts)
Impedance (ohms)
No. of Sections
Relative Humidity
20 G's 1/2 Sine
1 Ms
10 G's
10 Hz -
2000 Hz
-55° to +85°C

Packages available include Miniature, which covers the 0.5 to 500 MHz frequency range, as well as Micro-miniature, which covers the 50 to 3,000 MHz frequency range. Topologies offered include low pass, high pass, bandpass, band reject and diplexer designs. Also available are custom filter banks which incorporate several topologies in a single package. All packages can be manufactured in various styles such as Surface Mount, Connectorized, PC Mount, Drop-in or any other configuration suitable for the frequency range of the filters.

The standard designs are 0.1 dB Chebyshev response. Other response types such as Butterworth, Elliptic, Bessel as well as special filter shapes are also available. Special design capabilities include, but are not limited to, pseudo-elliptical, amplitude equalization, and group delay equalization requirements. The filters are manufactured with stable high Q components exhibiting low temperature coefficient characteristics.

Each filter can be packaged to withstand severe environmental stresses including temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and acceleration

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