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LTE Bandstop Filter ( Upper 700 MHz Band / Lower C-Block)

17720 LTE

Model # 17720


Prevent (C-block) LTE Services from interfering with adjacent (A-block) Services (e.g. - private licensed secure wireless network)


Install a selective bandstop filter that will provide deep rejection of the C-block without degrading the A-block.


  • High Selectivity - Utilizes an (8) Element Design.
  • Low Passband Loss - Typically less than 1dB (excluding passband edge)
  • Also available for other 700 MHz Band / Block Applications


Passband:(757-806) MHz (A, B, D, upper C & Public Safety Block)
Passband Loss:3 dB (Typ.) @ passband edge
Passband Power (CW):1 Watt (Max.)
Stopband:(746-755.5) MHz (Lower C Block)
Stopband Attenuation:> 50 dB (Typ.); 40 dB (Min.)
Impedance:50 Ohms
Connectors:N - Female
Environment:Indoor Use Only
Weight:5.7lbs (2.59Kg)
Dimensions:9" x 5" x 8"
(229mm x 127mm x 203mm)
Finish:Grey Lacquer

17720 typical plot
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